Valentine’s Gift Guide under Rs 599/-

Love is in the air yet again and we can’t help but feel the thrill and excitement of Valentine’s Day! Red hot, sultry and absolutely yummy, this is the perfect gift guide for you to please your loved one without burning a hole in your pockets! guilt free and extravagant, these selections are an absolute steal.

  1. Heart Drop Earrings:  ₹599

Coming with an adorable heart shaped drop in red and gold, this pair is buzzing with life and love!

2. Love Connection Bracelet:  ₹499

When two hearts entwine, you do everything to make it work. This connection bracelet with a little heart shaped infinity is surely a go-to choice.

3. Lucky Lips Acrylic Brooch: ₹325

Give your eccentric lover a share of her personality with this brilliantly designed brooch. Its class and sass, all in one!

4. Love Pearl Drop Bracelet: ₹599

Delicate and cute, this bracelet will drive you to the extent of warmth. This piece will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

5. XOXO Studded Ring: ₹449

When you like to keep the lingo going, this piece would be your muse. Happy and fun, the XOXO surely works.

6. Forever And Always Rings Set: ₹449

For all the mushy loves out there, this set of rings will be a trophy to own. Style it for your special day and feel pampered.

7. Red Heart & Pearl Embellished Ring: ₹499

Its catchy and absolutely breathtaking. If drama is your thing, this ring is your greatest find.

8. Golden Heart Bracelet: ₹599

Soft and intricate, just like your woman’s wrists. This delicate piece of heaven will surely make her melt!

9. Red Love Hair Pin: ₹299

Everything about your woman is on point and so is her hair with the addition of this savvy Hair Pin. This playful gift can be truly enticing.

10. Red Acrylic Diamond Earrings : ₹550

When she brightens up your world, she deserves to be treated like a diamond. This woman is going to slay in your gifts and this pair will make sure of it.

11. Red Ring Faux-Leather Choker Necklace: ₹599

We’re sure your girl owns many of these but nothing as feisty as this one. Gift her a choker and make her day a rememberable one.

12. Crimson Love Drop Earrings: ₹549

Bedazzling with love and sheen, this pair of earrings are a vision. Packed with the goodness of care, this will make your woman weak in the knees.

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