Trend Alert – Eternal Charm of the Choker

Chokers seem to be the ‘it’ thing this season and a staple in everyone’s wardrobe! From high fashion sightings to street style shenanigans, chokers are taking the fashion world by storm. It is such a sassy recreation of the 80s and 90s with a touch of couture to it.

Some of our favourite celebrities have been spotted sporting the style and taking this grungy look to great heights!

Our fashion favourite, Kendall Jenner, brings the choker out in the open on the Red Carpet that brings her great shoulders and chic rocker style alive. Deepika Padukone, too, with her all black endeavours, seems to be high on the choker charm. Tied back hair and an eye-catching choker is exactly what you need. Even Rita Ora nails this trend with her bubblegum bob and a minimalist choker piece.

And how could we every forget Sonam Kapoor’s big moment at the Cannes with her lush tresses and a pristine white choker to set the mood right. This diva really knows her game well and there ain’t nobody who can beat her at that! And just look at Emma Stone in her elegant low knot perfectly complimenting the chained choker that looks flawless on her!


Now, that we have a perfect dose of style inspiration, we’d want to throw at you some gorgeous chokers that you’d want to pounce at right away!  From simple yet striking designs to those loud and dramatic numbers, the Twin Crystal Choker and the Pearl Choker Necklace are some must-haves. The Celestial Choker Necklace Set is something that one can go days with all thanks to the  perkiness of this set. Gosh, the Pearl choker is the most gracious take on haute couture chokers and so is the Angel Wing Necklace. 

After this eventful sight of tasty chokers, we cannot help but prepare ourselves to bask in all their glory. All hail, you lovely creations!

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