Off Beat Lips

Gone are the days when reds and pinks were your go-to lip shades. Fashion is evolving and new style statements are prancing around like they own us! From wintery blues to metallic greys, you name it and we sport it on our lips. The street style is obsessed with such crazy hues and the red carpet, too, is catching up to it.

Having mentioned the Red Carpet, we all know the hype that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s poppy purple lipstick created. Dark and mysterious with that Gothic effect, her smokey eyes and those striking purple lips really hit the beat bang on!

On the other hand, the diva, Lupita Nyong’o, aced it with her dramatic hairdo, those dazzling earrings and a metallic blue shade on her lips. Wow! Those lips really look like they’re in it to win it. This style icon has given us many fashion goals but the effortlessness with which she wore this colour has to be given so much credit for.

Likewise, our Sri Lankan beauty never fails to miss the mark! Jaqueline Fernandez is one stunner and she can always make heads turn. Rocking it in those vintage side swept curls, her Berry Purple lips, with an undertone of pink, are like our favourite day of Spring! This bright shade works great for her fair skin and brings out her eyes so well.

Yes, reds are now so old school because these new babies are sweeping in and taking all the awards for being the newest kid on the block. Catch up to this fashion fad with your favourite wacky shades and kill it this season!

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