Holiday Gift Guide For Ms Quirky Chic

She’s a total nut job and almost always wacky with the most weird sense of humour and style. She lights up your world and that’s exactly why Ms Quirky Chic deserves the best Christmas Presents!

1 Outerspace Clutch

Taking her shopping would be too mainstream. So take her to outer space instead and surprise her with this gift!

Ice-Cream Studs
Sweeter than candy, ain’t she? And thus, she deserves all this quirk!

Rainbow Choker
Thank her for filling your life with the magical colours of a rainbow by gifting her this adorable yet eccentric choker.
Pucker and Pout
Taking any challenging look and nailing it is what Ms Quirky Chic does best. Gift her this upbeat piece of jewellery and watch her work her charm.

Moo Point Earrings
Dropping these earrings like a mic, the Quirky chic diva will ace this creation with oodles of sass.

Majestically Unmatched

Playing match is not her thing as she always aims for the off-beat styles. Thus, this pair of earrings will be her ‘comfort food’

Phone case Phenomenon

Having a crazy eye-candy to dress her phone up in, this flawless case is so her!

8 Patchwork Details

While her entry is a hit, so is her goodbye. Give her this classy bag for she needs it!

Best Of Both Worlds Earrings

Taking the indo-western look a notch higher, Ms Quirky Chic would be ecstatic with this gifting option.

10 Crazy Sunglasses
Because you know only she can pull off something as crazy as this and that too by turning lot of heads.

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