Holiday Gift Guide For Ms Cool Classic

Christmas bells and yummy cakes await you but what makes this holiday really special are those stunning gifting items. Looking for something to give to your Cool and Classic friend who loves to keep it real and play it uber-cool? Don’t worry because this is your one stop destination for it all!

1  Christmas Sparkle

A little bit of festivities works the charm and this is the most stunning form of that!

2  Badass in Black

Looking for something with a geometric explosion to give to the queen of sass? Here’s your answer with this black beauty.

3  Minimal Marvel

Minimalist jewellery is something that Ms Cool classic would love to own and this bracelet gives you exactly that.

4  Pristine Pearls
Pearls always make the list for those timeless gifts. This pair of earrings is such an awe worthy pick!
5  Gold Galore
Gold never goes of out style and that’s exactly the case with Ms Cool Classic too. Give her this baby to keep it stylish all around the year.

Phonecase Fanatic

Phonecases and quirky one liners are your thing so just get it right away!
7 Starry nights
Isn’t Ms Cool Classic the star of your life! She certainly deserves some pampering with this piece.

8  Choker Splendour
The chokers have managed to make it big this year just like Ms Cool Classic. She deserves a gift, ya?

9  Sexy Sunglasses

Underplay your style by gifting these scintillating sunglasses and stand out amidst all the secret santa shenanigans.

10 Yin and Yang Clutch

To balance out the fun in her life, gift her this Yin and Yang clutch and keep it classy!

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